The Experience You've Always Wanted

It's probably safe to say that at some point in your life you've longed for something. That something could've been anything. That ice cream bar from the ice cream truck or a trip you've been planning all year. Whether short term or long term we have all been there before. It's actually more than a feeling really. I'de say it was more like a desire.

If you think about didn't JUST want the ice cream. If that was the case you probably wouldn't have waited for the truck. You were longing for the experience of hearing that ice cream truck song faintly in the distance and then timing it perfectly to meet at that special place on the corner. You wanted to feel the cool mist coming from the trucks window when it was your turn to order. And you wanted to unwrap and savor that bomb pop as the sun dared you to take your time. You wanted the experience! 

You didn't just want 2 weeks off from work. You wanted 2 weeks of whatever would bring you the most relaxation. Was that a beach or a cabin in the mountains? Either way, it was an experience. The experience that YOU wanted. Those experiences make the best memories and are the most satisfying and I understand that! Which is why I specialize in creating experiences...not planning events. Tell me what you are desiring to see and I will tell you how to create it straight from the mind of a DJ. Your experience needs more than music. You need a DJ with more than a playlist. You need me, KB.