More than a playlist?

You might be wondering...what does she mean a DJ with more than a playlist? I'm not asking for that. I want her to play the music I want to hear, is that so much to ask?

Well, to be honest, it's very likely that you are asking for more than a playlist...AND YOU SHOULD BE! When I use this phrase I use it as my mission statement. It is my mission for every event I do to be thinking beyond the music that I will play. If I didn't think beyond the music I might as well be plugging in my ipod or phone for your event, and you don't want that. You want a DJ. A DJ who will not just play songs but play the right songs to help create the prefect moments that create the experience you've always wanted. You want a DJ who will consider the guests in the room and do their best to make them feel as comfortable and free to engage one another as possible. Lastly, you want a DJ who will add life and fullness to your vision and be as adaptable as possible to whatever might come their way on the day of your event.

Considering the slim chance that you aren't looking for all of this then I'd love to suggest some spotify playlists for you but if not then I can't wait to connect with you to hear about what you've been thinking up!